Parkview Clinic is a fully bulk billing practice.

All patients who are currently registered with Medicare are bulk billed for all eligible services. We don't just bulk bill pensioners and children during week days and office hours!

Who is eligible?

Generally any Australian citizen or permanent resident is eligible for Medicare services. New born babies should be registered as soon as possible (yes, we know you have a lot of other things to think about!). Overseas visitors on tourist visas are usually not covered unless there is a reciprocal agreement between our governments. Visitors on student visas are sometimes eligible to purchase Medicare cover during their stay.
We ask that you bring your Medicare card when you attend for your first visit. With Online Patient Verification we can check your current Medicare eligibility and update the Medicare number if necessary. Rarely Medicare eligibility has expired and we will have to bill you privately until you become eligible again.
Patients not eligible for rebates are currently charged $50.00 for a standard consultation.

Why is it called "bulk billing?"

A more correct term is "direct billing". If you are privately billed, you must pay the doctor for the service, and then get the rebate back from Medicare. The "gap" is the difference between the doctor's fee and the rebate. A "bulk billing" practice bills Medicare directly for the service - we only receive the rebate.
We could bill for each patient individually, but usually the combined bills will be transmitted electronically to Medicare after each working day - hence the term "bulk billing".
Medicare descriptors require that the service is the same - for example, a standard consultation must be between 6 and 20 minutes, whether it is bulk billed or privately billed, in order to attract a rebate.

As to whether a bulk billing doctor provides an inferior service to a private billing doctor, that is for you, the patient, to judge. It is true that a bulk billing doctor can make more money by seeing more patients per hour - but is this not also true of the private billing doctor? And is it fair to imply that a bulk billing doctor, who accepts a lower fee for providing the same service, of being motivated primarily by avarice?

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